We invite journalists from the South Caucasus to cooperate

The initiative “Women Unite for Peace – Voice of Change” on the women4peace.net online platform invites authors from the South Caucasus for cooperation.

Women4Peace is a public independent media platform that provides coverage of important issues about the situation of women and girls in the Caucasus countries affected by armed conflict.

We are open for cooperation with authors who will prepare information materials on the tendencies of rapprochement between the conflicting parties in the Caucasus. We are ready to hear the voices of women of all nationalities and religions. Each of you can become the author of our site.

Read the memo on how to write for publication.

The goal of the project is to prepare a series of balanced, high-quality materials on women’s issues, gender equality, implementation of the provisions of UNSCR 1325. We are ready to talk about success stories that will inspire women in the region.

The Women Unite for Peace – Voice for Change initiative is implemented by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (https://iwpr.net).

Those wishing to cooperate should send the following:

  • Brief statement on why you want to write for Women for Peace (200 words max)
  • CV
  • Completed article idea submission form

Send documents to the email address contact@women4peace.net with the indication in the subject line “Cooperation with Women for Peace”.

About the project

The goal of the women4peace.net project is to form a group of women professionals and journalists who will be able to prepare balanced, high-quality materials on women’s issues, gender equality, the implementation of UNSCR 1325 and other issues related to these topics, thereby setting an example for the wider journalistic community.